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How to Stay Safe and Healthy on a Clubbing Holiday

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When you are a young adult, holidays with your family and playing board games in your free time don’t seem quite so appealing as they once did. You want a taste of your own freedom, you want to hang out with your friends, and you want to let your hair down and go a little bit crazy. In other words, you want to go on a clubbing holiday. Clubbing holidays do exactly what they say on the tin – you visit a sunny destination and hit the clubs with your friends. But while clubbing holidays can certainly be a lot of fun, they are not without their dangers. Here are some ways to make sure you stay safe and healthy during a clubbing holiday, while still having an awesome time. Get enough sleep. Studies have shown that adults require around seven to eight hours of sleep every night in order to function properly during the day. This doesn’t mean that you should go to bed at midnight every night and miss out on all the fun of the parties, but it does mean that you need to factor in sleep during some part of the day – and sleeping on the beach does not count because you will severely increase your risk of sunburn or even sun stroke. Don’t book a boating tour for 9am in the morning if you know you will be out until 5am. Sleep in your air conditioned room until the afternoon if you have to – just get that sleep, and get it in a cool place where your body can actually restore itself. Water is key. When you go on any sunny holiday, drinking lots of water is important so that you stay hydrated and are not fatigued in the high temperatures, but it’s especially important for clubbing holidays. Not only will you be somewhere warm, but you’ll probably be drinking more alcohol than usual, which has a dehydrating effect on the body, and you’ll be expending lots of energy by throwing shapes on the dance floor every night. If you are drinking alcohol, always make sure that you are drinking water at the same time, and drink a big glass of the good stuff before you go to bed too. Stick with your friends. If this is your first holiday without your family, it’s important to create your own safe haven with your friends who can act as your family during this time – people who will look after you and tell you when it’s time for you to put on sunscreen, or when you shouldn’t except a drink from that stranger. This doesn’t mean you can’t make new friends and speak to new people, but remember who is looking out for your...

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I Do? Maybe You Shouldn’t: Four Reasons Sham Marriages for Immigration Are Not a Good Idea

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You’ve been studying or traveling in Australia for several months, you want to stay longer and to help you out, a friend has offered to marry you. It may seem like a harmless lark, but getting involved in a fake marriage for immigration purposes is actually a crime, and you should not do it. Here are five reasons why: 1. Hard to fake a paper trail In most cases, if you get married and want your spouse to be able to stay in Australia, you need to have proof of your relationship. Proof of the relationship may include pictures, travel documents of holidays you have taken together or proof of living together (shared bills, etc.). Even in cases where you are trying to legitimately declare a marriage or domestic partnership, it can be hard to come up with the right supporting documents. If you are faking the relationship, it can be virtually impossible to come up with documents. 2. Long time to sustain a lie If you manage to come up with documents, getting a marriage or domestic partnership visa is not a fast and easy process. In most cases, it takes 12 to 15 months to process a marriage visa. That can feel like an eternity to a couple who is actually in love, but if you are in the midst of a lie, it can feel even longer as you struggle to remember the sticky web of lies supporting your application. 3. No second chances If you get caught in the middle of an immigration lie, you won’t get another chance to apply to live in Australia. In many cases, you will be permanently banned from the country if you commit immigration fraud. 4. Serious penalties In other cases, the penalties for faking a marriage are so severe that you may wish you had just gotten kicked out of the country. Although punishments can vary, people involved in sham marriages for immigration purposes can get fined up to $100,000, and they may have to sit in an Australian jail for up to ten years. Instead of lying or getting involved in what seems like a harmless, foolproof marriage to a friend, get immigration help with companies such as CLS Capital Link Services. There are countless ways to extend your stay in Australia. A visa processing specialist can help identify the best path for you to take. That may range from an investor visa to a skilled worker visa to a protective visa. It all depends on your unique...

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